Data Center supports final exams for Ukrainian refugees with technical infrastructure

In the past weeks 456 Students from Ukraine participated in digital exams which are obligatory for studies at a Ukrainian university. Together with the Center of Scientific Education (ZWW) the Data Center prepared  the framework for the exams, which are comparable to the German "Abitur".

For the E-exams the Data Center provided the E-exam-Rooms N33 in the faculty of natural sciences and the KISS on the Kisselberg. Both rooms offered enough computer seats to complete the exams on four consecutive days.

Already in advance established the Data Center participating accounts and created the possibility to download the necessary documents from the Ukrainian examsystem.

Dr. Stefan Röhle, the leader of the E-Learning area at the Data Center explains in retrospect: "Although some things naturally ran differently than usual, we were very well prepared for these exams. We offer electrical exams already for 20 years at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, so that the supply of our infrastructure, the planing and execution went smoothly. We were lucky, that the exams took place in June and with that before the main exam phase of the Summersemester, because of that we could provide enough free rooms."

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Open Uni Day: Data Center informs about Dual Studies

Ths week the Open Uni Day took place at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Within the Event the Data Center offered three Information Services on the Dual Study Program. Marcus Lunau, whose responsible for the Dual Students at the Data Center and Student Aylin Siebel explained to the interested the advanteges of Dual Studies and what Career opportunities arise as a result.

Around 30 Students were interessted in both Majors, which the development department of the Data Center currently offers. The Participants wanted to know especially the differences between a classical course of study and the course of a dual study, as well as learn about the study contents and the practical parts of  Bachelor's Degree Programm.

Aylin Siebel, who is about to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree and is part of the first class at the Data Center, was able to share valuable experiences and emphasized how important and helpful the practical components at the Data Center are for her studies and later career entry.

The Data Center participated with the topic "Dual Studies" for the first time at the Event. Marcus Lunau was satisfied with the premiere: "We didn't have specific expactations but were positively suprised that the Students purposefully found their way into the Data Center. They had a lot of questions ans we hope that we could inspire some for our Dual Studies."

As of now the Data Center offers two Bachelor Degree Programs in Computer Science: "Buisness Informatics" and "Applied Informatics". The Dual Studies consist of a theoretical Part, which will take place at the Hochschule RheinMain and practical Parts which will take Place at the Data Center.

Learn More

Dual Studys Computer Science

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New Digital Certificates for VPN

On 2 march 2023, new digital certificates will be activated for the VPN servers.

What does that mean for you?

Not much will change for you. The new digital certificate is either automatically accepted - depending on the operating system or device - or you have to confirm that you accept the new certificate when asked. Some devices show the name, others a so-called fingerprint of the digital certificate.

The new digital certificate for VPN for comparison

Issued for:
Issued by: GEANT OV RSA CA 4
With fingerprint: 53 ad 5c 66 ea ae f6 b8 9a 05 4c 37 60 18 6e 95 50 c6 22 6b

What are digital certificates?

A digital certificate is an electronic proof of authenticity that certifies the identity of a computer or an organization. You can also compare this to an identity card in real life. Due to the legal framework and to prevent misuse, we are obliged to renew the certificates for these services on a regular basis.

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New Digital Certificates for Wireless LANs Eduroam and Uni-Mainz

On October 28, 2022, new digital certificates for wireless LANs eduroam and Uni-Mainz activated.

What does that mean for you ?

For you, not much changes. The new digital certificate will be either - depending on the operating system or device - accepted automatically, or you must confirm upon request that you accept te certificate. Some devices display the name, others a so-called fingerprint of the digital certificate.

The new certificate for the  Wireless LANs for reconciliation

The correct certificate is issued for the server and contains the following information for adjustment, of which only just a part is displayed (againg dependent on the operating system or device):


O= Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

L= Mainz

S= Rhineland-Palatinate


With fingerprint: ae bc 5d d0 ee 25 02 d1 14 e5 8e 77 45 a4 64 b7 37 73 b9 69

What are digital certificates?

A digital certificate is proof of authenticity that certifies the identityof a computer or organization. You can compare it with a real-life identity card. Due to legal framework conditins and to prevent misuse, we are obligated to renew te certificates reguarly for these services.

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Prices for Printouts and Copies on Public Devices Will Be Adjusted

Despite significant increases in the price of paper, toner and maintenance of the printing and copying machines, prices for the ZDV's printing and copying services at the University have not been increased in the last 4 years.

As of January 1, 2023, the prices for printouts and copies at public printers need to be adjusted. The new prices only apply to the devices that can be operated with institute cards and /or individual print- and copy-cards.

Future prices from the first page

Black/white4 Cent 8 Cent 1 Cent
Color18 Cent 36 Cent 1 Cent

There are also new prices for poster printing. On our ZDV website, you will find a complete price verview: Preise für Drucken und Kopieren | Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung ( (german only)

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First e-exam in the new room KISS

The first e-exam was written yesterday morning in the new e-exam room KISS “Am Kisselberg”. After the closure of SB-ANT in SBII, a new location for testing of this type had to be found. The university found what they were looking for in the newly rented JGU building “Am Kisselberg”, which is located across from Koblenzer Straße.

Dr. Stefan Röhle, head of the e-learning area at the ZDV, is very satisfied: "With KISS we are leaving the SBII behind and can now offer a modern, large and bright pool room for e-exams for the various departments. According to the calendar, we are already working at full capacity for the next few weeks and months.”

The e-exam room KISS (00-241) can be booked via the room planning process at the University of Mainz (RAPS) and selected in ILIAS.

More space and light

With 136 seats, the room has more workspaces than the previous room in SBII and can be booked for e-exams all year round. It is therefore also available outside of the actual core exam times for e-exams.

The room has separate entrances and exits, which allows participants to switch quickly between two exams. In addition, a wide window front offers sufficient daylight and air conditioning a pleasant working atmosphere.

  • Short name: KISS
  • Official room number: 00-241
  • Address: Isaac-Fulda-Allee 2b (Am Kisselberg)
  • Room size: approx. 305m²
  • Total seats: 138
  • PC places: 136 (plus 1 lecturer computer + 1 student assistant computer)
  • Examination places: 134 (2 computers remain free as an alternative reserve for exams)

Plan more time for the journey

In general, it is possible to get here by bicycle or by public transport. From Mainz main station you can take bus lines 54, 55, 56, 58 and tram lines 51, 53, 59 directly to the "Kisselberg" station. From the campus to the new e-exam room KISS, however, you should plan about 15-20 minutes on foot.

A look behind the scenes

The last few weeks have been characterized by moving and set-up activities for the ZDV e-learning team: First, all the furniture and technology had to be packed, moved and set up again in the KISS with the help of a moving company. The team then laid around 300 meters of cable, set up network connections and checked the network connection of all computers in cooperation with the ZDV network department. Last but not least, the media technology was installed in the room and anti-theft devices were attached to the computers.

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