Data Backup

The Data Center offers two ways of data backup:




  • Backup copies of server directories within the domain uni-mainz: this data backup is performed automatically. All users may → recover data in a very simple way, in case data have been lost or, for example, if errors have been discovered in an updated version of files within the directory. Backup copies of server directories are being made of all home directories, web directories (virtual hosts) and all group directories. Backups of complete PCs within the domain are unnecessary, since home and group directories are being backed up and since saving of files on local hard drives is not required.
  • TSM-Data backup: for computers that are not part of the domain uni-mainz. The principle is
    → explained here.
    If you additionally need to store huge amounts of data, please contact the → Data Center helpdesk.

Instructions for non-Windows operating systems may be found within the collections of documentations specific to the following operating systems:

Mobile devices using Adroid
Instructions for the macOS operating system (in German)

Instructions for Unix Operating Systems