Application for an Account

Please note: Some of the links below lead to pages in German, as work on the English version is still in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Accounts are automatically set up for members of staff of the university.
Students have to → activate their account once after their first enrollment.

For all other use cases, Information about application or prolongation of an account may be obtained here:


In case you as a visiting scientist, project staff member or student assistant have not been handed an account yet, you may ask for the person in charge of accounts at the deanery of your faculty or at the secretariat of your institution.

If you would like to prolongate your account please either contact the person in charge of accounts within your institution yourself, or ask your supervisor to do it.

...may turn to the check-out counter of the central library to apply for a suitable account.

The university library account for external users only serves for printing within the university library and has no further privileges, i.e. you cannot use it for mailing, login at the Data Center, using terminal servers, VPN, WLAN etc.

Members of staff of the university hospital receive their account from the person in charge of accounts of their particular clinic. Please contact the administration of the clinic, the person in charge of its IT or your supervisor.

Institutions that have not yet notified us about a person in charge of accounts may do so by sending an e-mail to → .

At this time we are sorry to say that we cannot hand out any new accounts to members of staff of a training hospital of the university of Mainz. If you have any enquiries about that, please ask the → department of legal matters of the university.
Accounts for members of staff of all external institutions are administrated by the institution itself - please turn to the secretariat or the person in charge of IT at the institution that you are a member of. If need be, you may ask at → which procedure applies at your institution. You will get access, but these accounts do not include an own, personal homepage.

Specialties for Databases

If you need access to Unix-based data or a database that is being administrated by another organisational unit, an application for access also requires the approval of the people listed below. An application has to include the exact rights of access (reading/writing).

It is enough if the person listed signs a print-out of your application form. Without such an approval it is not possible to grant access to these data.

Contacts for Database Questions

Administration of traffic (KFZ): Rainer Even

Administration of students (SOS/ZUL): Herr Einig

The Service Regulation

Please file this → service regulation. (It is the base for dissuasions in case this regulation is violated, for example if passwords are imparted).