Backup Copies of Server Directories

General Information

In case you unintentionally deleted files from your home directory or from a web site hosted at the Data Center, rest assured that recovery of the original state of the files/directory is usually no problem. You can recover files from one of the periodical 'snapshots' of our server directories.

Every four hours, i.e. at 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 the state of the files within the home directories of all users, as well as in all web directories, is recorded in what's called a snapshot. The most recent 6 of these versions, and the most recent seven of the previous nights (made at 00:00) are saved and can be re-called by all users who have access to these files. The individual backup copies are called hourly.0 (the most recent one), hourly.1 and so on., as well as nightly.0, nightly.1 ... and weekly.0, weekly.1 ...

The most recent eight weekly snapshots are also kept on an additional server which is not publicly accessible. Usually, there is no way of restoring versions of files that are older than 8 weeks.

Within the Windows pool of the Data Center snapshots may be accessed via Start -> Programme -> ZDV Backup.

Right-click on the name of the file which you would like to recover from a snapshot. Now choose the menu entry ‚Vorgängerversionen wiederherstellen’ and within the small window that opens after that choose the tab 'Vorgängerversionen':

Here you may click on the version of the file that you need and recover it by clicking on the button Wiederherstellen below.

Click on the name of the file of which you would like to see previous snapshots. Now choose the menu entry ‚Vorgängerversionen wiederherstellen’:

Within the following window you will see an overview of the snapshots available, with the most recent snapshot alreay selected.

The following fuctions may now be used:

‚Öffnen’: opens a snapshot of the file.

‚Kopieren…’: the snapshot of the file may be copied to a chosen destination.

‚Wiederherstellen…’: die current version of the file is replaced by the chosen snapshot of the file. (Please note: this process cannot be reversed!)

Instructions for non-Windows operating systems may be found within the collections of documentations specific to the following operating systems:

Mobile devices using Adroid
Instructions for the macOS operating system (in German)

Instructions for Unix Operating Systems