Webdav for Android

You may also access the Data Center storage space with Android devices.

We have tested this with WebDavDroid Lite (available for free in the market). But the precedure described here should work in the same way for other apps.


Configuring the Server

To establish a connection to the home directory of your JGU account you have to configure a new server. Here, this is done via the Add button.

The following settings are needed:

  • Name: the name of the connection used by the Webdav app. All you have to do is recognize it as what it is. You might name it 'uni-home' or 'webdav uni' or something similar.
  • URL: https://webdav.uni-mainz.de/home
  • UserId: yourusername@uni-mainz.de (please note: this is not your mail address, even if it looks similar)
  • Passwort: your password for your JGU account. On mobiles devices we would recommend not to save the password on the device - if you do not enter your password here you will be asked for the password whenever you are establshing the connection. Although that is more arduous it could save you a lot of trouble in case your device gets lost or stolen.

Establishing the Connection

Now you can establish the connection: Tip at the server name for a longer time, then choose Connect Server:

After that you may choose the directory to be looked at or worked with:

Local Folder, if you want to send files from your Android device to your university home directory.

Server Folder, if you want to download files from your university home directory.

After a long touching of a single file you can use the following menu and choose the desired action:

Changing between local and remote directory (i.e. between your Android device and the university home directory) is done be touching the menu button - here you may choose the respective other folder.