Extent of validity of these declarations

These declarations cover the domain . If you follow links to other/external web sites, their use of data may differ. Links to external web sites will generally be labelled as 'external links' and/or with the following symbol: .More information can be found in the  central privacy policy of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Some of our web pages use so-called 'temporary cookies'. These session cookies contain no individual-related data and will be deleted at the end of your session whenever you close your browser window.


Some of our web pages containing forms are delivered via unencrypted (http) connections. Usually, these web forms will transmit the form data via an encrypted connection (https/SSL). However, some forms will redirect you back to the unencrypted original page if the transmitted data is incomplete. E-mail receipts of form data might also be sent in unencrypted form. Please note that form data may therefore not in all cases be safeguarded against interception by third parties. In these cases we provide a special notification.

Statistical analysis using Matomo

Some web pages of the university, including this one, use Matomo (previously Piwik), an open source software for statistical analysis of user interaction. Matomo uses so-called 'cookies': text files that are stored on your computer, enabling an analysis of the usage of this website. Information generated by this cookie will be stored on a server of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Your IP-address will be anonymized immediately after processing and before being stored.

The above data will exclusively be used for statistical analysis and for maintaining our services. User profiles will not be generated or transmitted to third paries. This web site does not use technologies that aim to analyse the behaviour of individual users.