Web Server

Self developed websites and web-applications can be hosted using a web server of the data center.
A complete list of all hosting options is available here.
For users who don't want to develop their own website, the ZDV offers preconfigured WordPress blogs.

Web servers can run a complete LAMP stack. LAMP stands for:

  • Linux:
    the operating system of the server
  • Apache:
    provides the website
  • PHP (optional):
    to execute application code
  • MySQL/MariaDB(optional):
    data management

Apache is a necessary requirement for displaying a website. PHP and MySQL/MariaDB are optional.

The server will be configured according to your requirements. After the Server has been configured, you will receive the login credentials.

ZDV services

  • domain-name creation with the suffix .uni-mainz.de
  • provision of operating system and system environment
  • provision of storage space
  • network connection
  • generation and deployment of HTTPS certificates
  • automatic backups
⚠ A web-server is only provided for institutions of the University Mainz.