Backup copies of server directories – invocation with Linux

Snapshots are backups of files and/or folders at a specific time. Snapshots are read only, you need to restore a file first to edit it again.
Files saved on ZDV fileservers are snapshoted every 4 hours at 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 o'clock.
Snapshots are sorted by:

  • Hourly, snapshot crated every 4 hours.
  • Daily, snapshots created on midnight.
  • Weekly, snapshots created on midnight on Sunday.

The oldest snapshot is at least 3 month old.

Restore a delted or changed file

using your file manager

To open your home folder insider you file manager, press Ctrl+L. You will see an address bar showing the path to your current directory. You can navigate to any folder within your home directory.

Add /.snapshot behind the path.

Press Enter. You will see all available snapshots. To restore a file, copy it to your home folder.

💡 Hint: You can use the same method, if you mounted you home folder using over the Internet using webdav.

using the terminal

Use cd .snapshot to enter your snapshot folder.