Webdav for Linux

Connecting to Your Home Directory

Within the file manager (Nautilus, Dolphin, Konqueror) using STRG (CTRL) + L, call the URL

davs://webdav.uni-mainz.de/home (Nautilus) or.
webdavs://webdav.uni-mainz.de (Konqueror/Dolphin).

You will then get a login window, where you may enter your user name and password - done. The content of your home directory should now be on display.

If you like you can now set a bookmark for the connected home directory, so that you can quickly retrieve the home directory at any time.

Connecting to Your Group Directory

In the same quick way you can connect to a group directory (this requires that you have the necessary permission to access the group directory). The URL to be called is in Nautilus:

davs://webdav.uni-mainz.de/groups//[your sector]/[your group directory]

and for Konqueror/Dolphin it is: webdavs://webdav.uni-mainz.de/groups/[your sector]/[your group directory]

[Your sector] usually is your faculty, [your group directory] the name of the group directory.

Example: davs://webdav.uni-mainz.de/groups/70/zdv

Of course you may also set a bookmark for the connected group directory, so that you can quickly retrieve the group directory at any time.

It is also possible to connect to a home/group directory without the graphical user interface. A very elaborate manual for this may be found here → http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/WebDAV#Verbindung-per-davfs2.

The address to use for the home/group directory will then be:

Die Adresse, unter der Sie das Heimverzeichnis bzw. Gruppenlaufwerk ansprechen müssen, ist dann:


and accordingly:

https://webdav.uni-mainz.de/groups/[your sector]/[your group directory]