In order to use the mail services of the university you have to possess a valid JGU account.

Together with your JGU account (for students: after → activation of your JGU account) you will receive an e-mail address. The exact form of that address may be looked up at → https://account.uni-mainz.de . At that web site, you may also enter an alternative address (which starts with first name.surname).

There are different ways of accessing your e-mail address to send and receive e-mails which we describe in the following paragraphs.

Web Mail (Outlook Web Access, OWA)

The simplest way to receive and to send mails via your JGU account is available via the web mail client 'Outlook Web App' (OWA). If you use OWA, you do not have to install or configure any other software, since you may simply access your JGU account by using your web browser:

Web mail for students and staff:


Please note: after logging out, all browser windows - not just the window with which you have been using OWA - should be closed, since this is the only way to make sure that the process of logging-out is completed.

Sending and Receiving Mails via Smartphone*, iPhone, Tablet, Mac oder PC

You may access your university mail address using any standard e-mail software. Usually, any automatic setup of the JGU account, where you will only have to specify your mail address, will work. If you have to specify any special access data, please find them in the following data table:

Students and Staff
Incoming Mails (IMAP)
Recommended protocol Exchange or Exchange active sync;
if that is not possible: IMAP
Server for incoming mails (IMAP) mail.uni-mainz.de
Port (incoming mails) 993
Encryption (incoming mails) SSL (depending on the e-mail software used it might also be TLS)
Is encrypted authentication necessaryg? No
Outgoing E-Mails (SMTP)
Outgoing server (SMTP) mail.uni-mainz.de
Port (for outgoing e-mails) 587
Authentication User name (e.g. muste001, not your e-mail address!) and password
Encryption method STARTTLS

Please note that your university e-mail address may send mails:

  • to a maximum of 1000 recipients per day and a maximum of 100 e-mails per minute.
  • Every mail is allowed to have a maximum of 200 recipients.
  • The size of the e-mail attachment (per e-mail) is limited to 35 MB.
  • To be on the safe side, you should leave your e-mail client window open until all outgoing e-mails have been sent.

* Please note: Usage of the Outlook app is not possible on mobile devices using Android or iOS, since the data are transferred via an external server and we have to block this for security reasons. Therefore, on Android and iOS devices, please use the pre-installed e-mail app. Set up your JGU account there as an Exchange account.


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