Servers and Databases

Please note: Some of the links below lead to pages in German, as work on the English version is still in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Here's a list of the servers and databases that we offer:





  • Server hosting: for operating your own, self-administrated system using
  • Database hosting: for operating your own, self-administrated MySQL- or MS-SQL database

Data Management

  • Tivoli Storage Manger (TSM): data backup and directory-based long-term archiving for all computers, even outside of the domain uni-mainz
  • Seafile: data exchange server
  • Docuware: a Document Management System for long-term archiving and full text indexing of electronic documents

Icon: E-Learning E-Learning and E-Assessment

  • Reader: a platform for content of lectures and feedback
  • Moodle: course management system and learning platform
  • Ilias: E-assessment system
  • Limesurvey: an application for online surveys

Icon: HPC High Performance Computing

Internet and Net Access

  • Remote desktop serverworking from an off-campus workplace
  • FTP-Server: access to home directories, group directories und virtual host directories via the file transfer protocol
  • WordPress: the central WordPress installation for publishing web pages within the layout of the university
  • Sharepoint/Teamweb: information sharing via non-public web pages (intranets)

Communication und Collaboration