Remote Desktop – Working from an Off-Campus Workplace

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Work at Home - Using Software of the Data Center




The Problem

  • I have to work with software that is installed by the Data Center - but I am sitting at my computer at home where that software is not installed.
  • I want to use software installed on my workplace computer - but I am currently at a conference abroad.
  • I am at home but I urgently have to work on a file located in a group directory.
  • I need access to certain research services of the university library, as well as full text editions of electronic journals that are only available to members of the university and users on campus.

The Solution: Remote Desktop - Working from an Off-Campus Workplace

In order to be able to use the resources of the university of Mainz while working outside of the campus the Data Center offers remote desktop servers. In short: you may sit at your computer at home (or anywhere else) and connect with a server of the Data Center via a 'remote desktop connection'. Essentially, this means that the working environment of a pool computer on campus is displayed inside of a window on your local computer (which you are sitting at) - including all the software and data access features of the pool computer. Members of staff will be able to use almost all features of their workplace computer.