eduroam – Wireless LAN via associated University network

The University of Mainz takes part in the → eduroam network, in which universities have joined forces in Europe (in the meantime even worldwide).




Under the network name (SSID) eduroam, the center operates campus-wide data processing for an encrypted wireless LAN. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise with TKIP and AES encryption serve as security mechanisms. The coverage is consistent with the coverage for the wireless LAN uni-mainz (with the exception of the University Clinic areas).Members of other universities participating in the European eduroam network can connect to the eduroam wireless LAN via the University of Mainz, by logging in with the JGU account of their home university.
Conversely, members of the University of Mainz who are at other universities in the eduroam network may use eduroam with the Mainz JGU account.

Instructions for setting up eduroam with various operating systems can be found below and in the navigation bar.

When using the following instructions for configuring eduroam on various operating systems plese note:

Usually it should not be necessary to download a certificate any more. The certificate we use is already available on most devices.

Users who have already used eduroam with an older configuration (using the orca certificate that had to be separately installed) will have to delete their existing eduroam connection first and may then re-configure it.