Web Hosting

Please note: Some of the links below lead to pages in German, as work on the English version is still in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The web hosting services of the Data Center are available for all institutes, faculties, students and staff of the university.

Here you will find support in choosing a suitable system for publishing web pages.


Due to its origin as a 'WeBLOG' system, WordPress is very easy to handle. WordPress offers:

  1. Simple subject indexing using tags/tag clouds and categories
  2. A very mature tool for importing, exporting and presenting data tables
  3. Interfaces for data from other systems at the JGU: such as JOGU-StINe, the bibliography of the university, and UnivIS
  4. An administrative tool for your own administration of the group of editors of your project
  5. A comment function für readers (which can also be turned off).
If your project is not addressed to the public internet - for example, if you would like an intranet or a team-website - then for that, too, you might be able to use the infrastructure of the Data Center, by → hosting the site within the Sharepoint environment.
Consult us. Contact: → webmaster@uni-mainz.de

Describe your requirements. We will call you back if you like, in order to resolve any open questions by telephone.

We provide so-called 'virtual hosts' for free: your project's or institute's own web address (usually within the domain uni-mainz.de), including its own directory-based storage space with built-in data backup.

VirtualHosts are web directories representing your own domain name inside of a common hosting domain. VirtualHosts are not virtual machines. There is no access to server-side configuration files or to the logs of the common hosting environment.

The following aspects should be considered in any case: 

→ Any web software installed by yourself on a virtual host must be attended to and updated continuously. One-time installation is not enough.

Please note: the Data Center does not provide support for self-installed software.

To apply for a web address, please read our user agreement and send us an

→ Application for a virtual host.

If you upload your own HTML pages to a virtual host, the name of the file representing the start page must be either welcome.html or index.html. The server software looks for a file with one of those names in every directory and, if available, automatically displays it as the start page for that directory. If you are using PHP, the start page may also be called index.php.

welcome.html is prioritized over index.html. Which means:

  • if there is a welcome.html and an index.html, then the welcome.html will be displayed,
  • if there is an index.html and an index.php, then the index.html will be displayed.
You should provide a start page file for every directory on your web site, but at least for the uppermost directory. If there is no such start page file, an error will be displayed if a URL is called that relates to the directory only (without any filename).
The Data Center is hosting web sites of the university, providing the technical infrastructure for these web sites. Responsibility for the content of the web sites is assumed by the people in charge of the web sites.

Please specifically note the → legal advice.

Please send any inquiries or requests about

  • the web pages of the university or
  • the web pages of institutes, faculties, students or members of staff, the content or links on those pages

directly to the people in charge of the content of those web pages. The people in charge of a web page will usually be listed on its imprint page.

If you have any problems or questions concerning the systems described above or advanced functions, please ask the web team of the Data Center.

Please contact us at this mail address: → webmaster@uni-mainz.de .