Dual study at the ZDV

Since September 2020, the Center for Data Processing (ZDV) has been offering two dual study programs in cooperation with the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (HSRM). Those interested can train in the fields of applied computer science or business informatics.

The dual course consists of theoretical units and firmly integrated practical assignments at the ZDV of Johannes Gutenberg University.

Practical assignments at the ZDV

During the bachelor’s degree, which comprises seven semesters, basic computer science skills and the content of the respective degree program are taught. This includes, for example, programming software, creating websites and installing software and hardware.

Course content of the HSRM

The theoretical content is taught at the HSRM in Wiesbaden. This means that during the lecture period there are lectures four days a week at the HSRM and one day practical work at the ZDV. During the semester break, students work full-time at the ZDV.

Further information on the Applied Computer Science course: https://www.hs-rm.de/de/fachbereich/design-informatik-medien/studiengaenge/angewandte-informatik-bsc

Further information on the business informatics course: https://www.hs-rm.de/de/fachbereich/design-informatik-medien/studiengaenge/wirtschaftsinformatik-bsc

Contact person at the ZDV

Mr. Marcus Lunau
Tel .: 06131 39-26398

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Center for data processing
Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 12
55128 Mainz, Germany

What our ZDV students say

On September 28, 2020, Aylin Siebel and Mohammad Alawawdeh were the first two students to start at the ZDV. Aylin Siebel's passion for IT was decisive for your application to the ZDV: “Computer science was one of my favorite subjects at school and I thought it was a shame that certain topics could not be looked at more closely. I wanted to get to know these areas better. That's why I found out how a computer science course works and decided to just give it a try. ”After a week at the ZDV, she is thrilled that“ after such a short time it is possible to understand simple programs and even with a little help to write."

Mohammad Alawawdeh was impressed by the wide range of employment opportunities after graduation and the opportunities offered by a dual study program: “I decided to do this because you already gain a lot of practical experience during my studies. I am accompanied step by step by a professional team that can help me immediately if I have any difficulties."