What is Docuware?

Docuware is the central Document Management System (DMS) of the university, which is being used for both scientific and administrative purposes and is run by the Data Center.

The Document Management System serves as a central repository for revision-safe and long-term archiving of digital documents - to be retrieved at any time.

For this we set up Docuware archives, where PDF documents can be stored with structured metadata and indexing fields. Storage can also be configured in an encrypted format in case this is necessary for data privacy.
Documents and files may be flexibly imported into the system from various data sources. Writing and reading access is enabled via the JGU account and is administered using separately configured authorisation concepts for each archive.

Indexing usually happens eitther when new documents are being manually filed into the archive, or when they are being automatically imported. In some cases indexing is configured as a nightly job.

For projects with extensive amounts of data an individually configurable scanning software with barcode recognition is available.
Content access for all archives is available via the web browser and therefore platform independent.

Services of the Data Center

We will counsel regarding the implementation of your requirements, establish archives for you including authorisation schemes and indexing fields and, if required, configure the system for automatic imports and/or nightly indexing.

We will also, if requested, counsel regarding applicable scanners and provide support in case of problems or questions.

You Would Like to Use Docuware?

Here is an application form for establishing a Docuware archive (in German).