New Digital Certificates for Wireless LANs Eduroam and Uni-Mainz

On October 28, 2022, new digital certificates for wireless LANs eduroam and Uni-Mainz activated.

What does that mean for you ?

For you, not much changes. The new digital certificate will be either - depending on the operating system or device - accepted automatically, or you must confirm upon request that you accept te certificate. Some devices display the name, others a so-called fingerprint of the digital certificate.

The new certificate for the  Wireless LANs for reconciliation

The correct certificate is issued for the server and contains the following information for adjustment, of which only just a part is displayed (againg dependent on the operating system or device):


O= Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

L= Mainz

S= Rhineland-Palatinate


With fingerprint: ae bc 5d d0 ee 25 02 d1 14 e5 8e 77 45 a4 64 b7 37 73 b9 69

What are digital certificates?

A digital certificate is proof of authenticity that certifies the identityof a computer or organization. You can compare it with a real-life identity card. Due to legal framework conditins and to prevent misuse, we are obligated to renew te certificates reguarly for these services.

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