Skype for business: App

You can use skype for business not only on your computer, but also on your mobile device (android). In the following will be explained how to get the app and how some of the basic functions work.

Download the App:
Search for “Skype for Business” in your device’s store (don’t leave out the “for Business” part, though – Skype without it is a different app!)

  1. Install it.
  1. Open the app (make sure your internet connection is active).Usually the address needed to sign in to S4B is the same as your user id, followed by (Uni-Account) and the respective password.

If this does not work for you, your account may be one of the few whose Skype sign-in address is different from their user id and you need to look it up:

Open →
with any web browser and log in.

Click on User account on the upper left.

There you will find your Skype sign-in address.

To forward all incoming calls to another phone (e.g., a common area phone somewhere in a lab):

Find out the phone number where you want to direct your calls to.

On the main screen of the S4B app, tap the  icon beneath your name to flip out the menu.

Then tap Call forwarding.

Tap Forward calls and then enter the phone’s number in international notation:
+49 6131 39 29159


The forwarding will stay in effect even if you log out of the S4B app. To receive calls on your phone or computer again, you must disable call forwarding.