Poster printing

This service may only be used for studies, research or teaching!
Depending on the order situation, you should expect a processing time of several days!

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❗ The posters will be stored up to three months. If you do not pick up your poster it will be destroyed after 3 months. The client will be charged with the incurred costs.


Format Normalpaper Picturepaper/ Syntheticpaper Flagfabric/ self-adhesive Foil
DIN A2 5,00 € 6,00 € 8,00 €
DIN A1 8,00 € 11,00 € 14,00 €
DIN A0 15,00 € 20,00 € 25,00 €
Special format 15 €/m² 20 €/m² 25 €/m²


Discount because of multiple posters

For poster printing, the following special prices apply to multiple prints of a file:

Format 1 Copy up 4 Copys up 10 Copys
Normalpaper DIN A0 15,00 € 12,00 € 9,00 €
Normalpaper DIN A1 8,00 € 6,50 € 5,00 €
Normalpaper DIN A2 5,00 € 4,50 € 3,50 €
Picturepaper/ Syntheticpaper DIN A0 20,00 € 17,00 € 14,00 €
Picturepaper/ Syntheticpaper DIN A1 11,00 € 9,50 € 7,50 €
Picturepaper/ Syntheticpaper DIN A2 6,00 € 5,00 € 4,00 €

Cutting Posters

1,6 m to 2,5 m Posterlength + 2,50 €
up 2,5 m Posterlength will not be trimmed, after agreement


  • In our webform you cann choose the option Express.
  • The express surchage is 10 €
  • You will receive the poster on the same day, if the order is in the DTP-Studio bevore 12:00 am
  • The surchage is only charged if your poster needs to be pulled forward, in front of other orders. In other cases you will pay the normal price even if you've chosen the express option.
  • This offer is dependant on how many orders we have at the moment.

Special Case Roll Up

  • For roll-up printing please create a file with page size 85 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm.
  • Roll-up stands are prepared by us, so you only need to set them up.
  • They are suitable for repeated set-up and can be equipped with a new print at any time.
  • You can buy or rent the stand from us.

💡 Please plan with one or more roll-ups with about a week in advance.

Price Overview

85 x 200 cm 100 x 200 cm
Roll-Up (print + stand) 110,00 € 125,00 €
Roll-Up print (without stand) 50,00 € 55,00 €
Rent Roll-Up stand 9,00 € 11,00 €
Buy Roll-Up stand 60,00 € 70,00 €

Borroing Roll-Ups

Basics of creating posters

  • Design your poster in the size you want and it is best to make a test print on your printer (in A4 or A3) in order to correct typing errors, formatting errors, etc. in advance.
  • Please create a PDF file from your application. When creating PDFs, please always specify the desired final size of the poster as the page format (e.g .: A0; with MSWord only possible up to A3). Fonts and images are integrated in the PDF file and you can already see errors in the PDF file that would otherwise only occur when printing a poster. You can find information on creating PDFs here. If you have any questions about PDF creation, please contact us. In addition to PDF, our poster printing program also accepts Tiff, JPG or PNG files.
  • We print out continuously up to 1.25 m wide in any length.
  • Send us your file using our web form.
  • If you have any questions, give us a call: Tel. 39-26344.

How to set the page size in MS PowerPoint:

  • In the Design ribbon on the right → Set slide size, select the desired print size already here.
  • As a rule, you create a PDF file from your application. Also when creating the PDF, please always specify the desired final size of the poster as the page format (e.g.: A0).
  • In the PDF file fonts and images are integrated and you can correct errors that would otherwise only occur during poster printing.

Creating a PDF file

Directly in MS PowerPoint:
  1. Choose File directly in MS Powerpoint
  2. Save As, then select PDF file type:
  3. Click Standard (online publishing and printing)
  4. Open Options and select PDF/A compatible there. This will embed the fonts.


Alternative: Print PDF in Adobe
If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you will also find the Adobe PDF printer in the printers: File → Print & select the printer Adobe PDF:
  1. Click on File, the Printing
  2. Open the printer properties: Choose Adobe PDF
  3. Please select in the Adobe PDF Settings tab at Default Settings.
  4. High quality prints, at Adobe PDF page format the desired print format, and remove the check mark at Use only system fonts.
  5. Close the Properties window by clicking OK and then click Print. After that an Explorer window will open, you can set the desired location there.
Check PDF
  • In the finished PDF you can visually check the print quality and image resolution by displaying the document in 100% view size.
  • Check if the fonts are embedded in Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Reader in the menu. File → Properties:
  • In the document properties, the Fonts tab must have Embedded subset after all fonts!

Resolution of the pixel graphics

In the case of pixel graphics (TIFF, JPEG and other file formats), you should ensure that the image resolution is suitable for the poster printer, otherwise your file will be unnecessarily large.

The optimal image resolution depends on your motive
Motifs optimal image resolution for the poster printer
Line graphics, scanned texts, maps 400 - 600 dpi (based on A0)
Gray value and color images 100 - 150 dpi (based on A0)

You can check the quality of the resolution by enlarging the view on your monitor to match the size of the poster.

Paper quality

All Papertypes are only made for indoors. If you want to use them outside we recommend laminating it or Syntheticpaper.

Material Grammature Price/m² Quality
Picturepaper shiny or silk matt 200 g/m² 20 € Best Picture-Quality. the Print appears like an exposed photo and in the color reproduction brilliant and light-resistant.
In unfavorable lighting conditions, the glossy photo paper produces a slightly disturbing mirror effect
Normalpaper 180 g/m² 15 € Matt Paper
Syntheticpaper 150 g/m², 180 µm 20 € Tear-resistant white polypropylene film with very matt, paper-like surface, well suited for posters, roll-up stands and banners as well as for short-term outdoor use; for longer posting periods it can be laminated well.
Flagfabric 145 g/m² 25 € Flag fabric is flame retardant and B1 certified, you can transport these posters folded in a suitcase. The color reproduction is slightly duller than other materials.
White and transparent self-adhesive foil ca. 150 g/m² 25 €

Other Materials e.g. heavy fabric for Artprints, we can provide. Please ask us beforehand.

Print format

  • Our printers have a print width of 152 cm, but - due to a lack of demand for larger prints - we only have material rolls up to 125 cm print width (127 cm paper width) in stock.
  • The length is variable - a maximum of 15 m. The software basically allows you to create wider prints in several strips, which can then be joined together.
  • Please note that prints with a length between 1.6 m and 2.5 m are cut with a surcharge of 2.50 €.
  • Prints longer than 2.5 m will not be cut. We then print an outline for self-cutting.


  • In the A0 oversize format, the print is made with a margin of approx. 1 cm on all sides.
  • With smaller print formats, a larger margin is created accordingly.
  • We will cut off this edge after printing.
  • Please note that prints with a length between 1.6 m and 2.5 m can be cut with a surcharge of 2.50 €.
  • Prints longer than 2.5 m will not be cut. We then print an outline for self-cutting.


  • The DTP studio has a laminating machine with which posters are covered on both sides with a thin laminate film in order to refine and protect the surface.
  • The laminate is 70 µm thick, has a high-gloss finish on one side and a satin finish on the second side, so you can choose between these two surfaces.
  • The laminate has a fire protection certification (B1). Of course, the posters can still be rolled up well after finishing.
  • We recommend photo paper as the type of paper for printing to be laminated, it is more brilliant in color reproduction than normal paper.
  • Laminated posters are also cut by us as standard.
    • This cut creates a so-called open edge, i.e. the paper and laminate edge are cut in one operation.
    • If you need a pocket-like lamination to hang your poster outside at short notice, please enter this in the comments field on the order form.

Poster templates for event announcements

Poster templates can be found under the files with → Corporate Design.

You can enter your own text in the templates. The printout is possible in any size up to A0.