Dial-in at BigBlueButton

You can also take part in a BigBlueButton conference using the telephone. This means that participants can also be connected without an Internet connection.

How do I invite participants by phone?

  • To invite participants, you need the telephone number for the conference and the corresponding PIN.
  • This information cannot be passed on to participants in advance. You only get this when someone has logged into the corresponding conference. To do this, proceed as follows:
  1. When entering the room, the dialog box appears asking "How would you like to join the conference?" Directly under the microphone and headset symbol you will find the note "Participate with the phone".
  2. If you click on this, you will be shown the telephone number for dialing in and the PIN for the conference.

  • The two numbers also appear in the "Public Chat" so that participants can pass on the dial-in data to other participants who want to join in by phone.
  • The conference PIN is only accepted if at least one participant has dialed in via audio (with microphone or only headphones).
  • Participants who have dialed in by phone appear in the participant list with their telephone number. If the number is withheld, “anonymous” appears. As a symbol they receive a telephone receiver.

  • Please note that both the telephone number and the dial-in code can be different for each session.

How do I dial in?

  • You will receive the dial-in number and the corresponding PIN from the moderator (or participants) of the conference.
  • As soon as you have entered the PIN, you are in the conference with the microphone activated.
  • You will be shown in the list of participants with your telephone number. If you suppress the number, you will appear as "anonymous". As a symbol they receive a telephone receiver.

How do I mute myself during the conference?

  • Mute your microphone by pressing "0" on the phone.
  • Another press of the “0” key reactivates your microphone.
  • You will hear a beep each time you activate / deactivate mute.
  • If you have muted the moderator, you can unmute them by pressing “0” again.

How do I remove participants when dialing in?

  • To remove participants, click on the relevant person in the list and select "Remove participant".
  • A dialog box then opens in which you are asked whether the participant should be removed.
  • You can select another option: "Block participants so that they can no longer join this conference."
  • If the participant is shown with a phone number, the block applies
    to exactly this number. If the number has been withheld ("anonymous")
    the lock on all dial-ins that are made with suppressed phone numbers. That means,
    that a renewed dial-in can be prevented after the first block.

Are there any costs for dialing in?

BigBlueButton has been expanded to include a phone dial-in option so that people with a poor internet connection have the option of joining a conference via audio. Depending on the contract, (landline) costs may arise for the connection. Please check your individual telephone contract in advance.

Other special features for group rooms

  • To change to a group room, it is necessary to dial in again under the phone number of the main room. The respective PIN is displayed in the public chat of the group room.