BigBlueButton: records and data protection

You can share BigBlueButton recordings in the web browser with even better protection in the future.
From October 11th, access to records will be regulated by a new procedure.

Allow and start recordings

  1. You can allow the conference to be recorded in the room settings of your room. The setting can only be activated before the conference starts. It is not possible to record during the conference without first activating the setting.
  2. Only the moderator can start, pause or end a recording during the conference.
  3. Presentation, unnamed person videos, split screen, chat, and notes are recorded. Please note that external videos and breakout rooms are not recorded.
  4. You can find the records of your room at the bottom of the BBB user interface.
  5. Since recordings are only completed after the end of an event, new recordings are displayed with a time delay - usually within 24 hours. You can then rename the individual recordings.

NEW PROCEDURE: Share BBB records securely with others

Since the beginning of October there has been a new procedure for sharing BBB records with others in an even better protected manner.

  • Access to recordings then takes place exclusively via the home page of the room.
Homepage of a BBB room
  • That means: If you want to give other people access to the recordings, share the link of the room with them.
  • Via this link, users get to the start page of the room and see the recording made available in the lower part.
  • It is no longer necessary to share a separate address or an additional link directly to the recording.

Define access rights

In the default settings you decide how "protected" you want to make the recording available.

Public to everyone

  • Select Public under the item "Visibility" for your recording.
  • You can change the access rights at any time and also prevent access to recordings that have already been published by setting the visibility back to Not Listed.

Pin protected

  • If you have generated a room access code (pin) via the room settings, this also applies to access the recording. Users have to enter the pin for this.

NEW: Authentication

  • You can use the room settings to decide whether entering the room or participating in the conference requires authentication. That means whether a login with name and password or via a login server is necessary. This setting then also applies to the recording of the room. Users can only access the recording when they log in.

Pin protected + authentication

  • The conditions PIN-protected and authentication can be combined, so that a login and the entry of the PIN is necessary in order to be able to access the recordings. This means that users first have to log in and also need the PIN to view the recording.

Data protection and copyright

The person setting up the room must enable the recording in the room settings of the respective conference room. Recordings may only be made

  • if you as a lecturer only record yourself, i.e. all cameras and microphones of the participants are switched off,
  • or if all participants have explicitly consented to the recording and the associated purpose. All participants must agree to the option of a click to record before entering the room.

When using the BigBlueButton, teachers, students and guests must ensure that they are used in a legally compliant manner. The applicable data protection regulations must be observed for the processing of personal data.

Further information on data protection can be found at