Using Remote Desktop Servers with Unix/Linux

If you connect to a remote desktop, this will use the operating system and software running on a computer of the Data Center, but will display the graphical user interface inside a window on your computer. This way you may access your university software and documents from outside of the university via the internet.


You may use various software to establish a remote desktop connection.

Vinagre comes pre-installed on University Linux machines.

Remmina offers more options, but needs to be installed.


After running the program click on Connect in the top left corner.

A window will open.

Enter the following details:

Protocol: select RDP


Username: your university username

You may want to adjust Width and Hight to change the size of the remote window.


Click on New:

You will see the options menu:

Enter the following details.

Name: chose a name

Protocol: set to RDP


User name: your university username

Password: your password

Color depth: True color (16 bpp). The higher the number the better the colors will look, but more bandwidth will be used.

Click on Save.

Select the created connection and click on Connect.