e-Mail set up in Thunderbird

If you open Thunderbird for the first time the set up wizard starts automatically.

Enter your name, e-mail address and password and click on Continue.

Thunderbird will look for setup information, the correct information can't be retrieved.

Click on Manual config.

You will see all setting needed for configuring Thunderbird to use the JGU e-mail server.

Enter the following data.

Server hostname: mail.uni-mainz.de
Port: 993
Authentication: Normal password
Username: username

Server hostname: mail.uni-mainz.de
Port: 587
Authentication: Normal password
Username: username

If you are done click on Done.

⚠️ Attention: In some cases you need to click on Re-test on order to proceed. If this is the case the Outgoing Authentication changes.
Make sure the Outgoing Authentication is set to Normal Password; otherwise you won't be able to send e-mails.


Thunderbird can be used with the JGU Exchange Service. This allows access to the JGU address-book and synchronization of calendars.
Documentation about Thunderbird and Exchange is available here.