Account: User Profile / Limitations of Profile Storage Space on Computers in Pool Rooms

The user profile contains the user registry, i.e. all personal configurations for the appearance of Windows and for particular applications.

The Outlook address book and Internet Explorer's favourites are being stored in the user profile on the computer's hard disk and also being copied to the server at log-off, as well as some files that are generated by particular applications.
Please make sure never to save your files (for example Word documents, images etc) within the profile storage space. Always save them in your home directory on the U: drive.

The size of the user profile on computers in pool rooms and within the RDS is limited to 30 MB, i.e. it must not become larger than 30 MB.

Information about the current size can be gathered by clicking on this symbol in the lower right of the Windows task bar:

The following window will appear:

If the allowed 30 MB of profile storage space are exceeded then the following error message will appear and you will not be able to log off (as long as you do not want to log off you can ignore this message. You do not have to interrupt your work because of it):

The symbol in the lower right of the Windows task bar has changed:

You must double-click on this symbol. After that the windows depicted in the following screenshot will appear. There you will see the size of the files stored in your user profile. Below „Größeninformation“ you will be shown the current and the maximum profile storage space. It would make sense to delete the biggest space hogs there unless you absolutely need them.

Should the list contain a noticeably high amount of files belonging to Mozilla, this probably means that your browser cache is being stored within the profile. In that case you will find instructions to change this a bit further down on this page.

In all other cases you will have to delete the files manually. To do this, open Windows Explorer and change to the directory "C:\Users\[yourusername]" (for Windows 7 it is -"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen"). There you will find your user profile bearing your user name. Click on it, then press both STRG (CTRL) and F simultaneously. A window will open in which you may search for files. Doing this you will find out which directory contains the big files that inflate your user profile and cause this error message. You should then delete those files. All temporary files are especially convenient for deletion, i.e. files with a name beginning with ~ or with a name ending on .tmp. Just never delete files called NTUSER.DAT or ntuser.dat.LOG. If you have deleted enough files, then the small red symbol in the lower right of the Windows task bar will vanish. The window showing the files may then be closed by clicking on OK. If during logout you still get that error message, please contact → our hotline.

Hint: Within the explorer menu below 'Extras - Ordneroptionen - Ansicht' you should set up the folder that stores your profile so that it displays all files - including hidden ones. This way you will make sure that you can always see all files in your profile: