New version of ZDV-Apps

Please note: Some of the links below lead to pages in German, as work on the English version is still in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience.

From 17th August 2017 virtualized software will be distributed with a new version of the underlying virtualization technology.

Software that is provided with the new version (AppV Version 5) will in the future be recognizable within in the start menu by the ending "V5" instead of "v".
Microsoft's support for the previous version (AppV Client Version 4) is discontinued. The AppV client version 4 will presumably be removed from all domain computers sometime in September this year.

Your software

We will automatically allocate the software packages to you which you have used within the last half year.
Software packages that you have not used for a longer period than that you may re-allocate for yourself at any time.

Software can now be allocated via the web site → (instead of via the local application ZDV-Apps).

You may access this website from anywhere via the internet and also from any private computer. Allocation of software will still only be carried out for computers within the domain Uni-Mainz.DE.

Further information

Is to be found on this page: →

More news from the Data Center may be found → here.